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Museum 3D

DMZ Museum 3d

The 3D Illusion art, started from Korea and have been praised all over the world, is coming to Bali, the beautiful vacation spot in Indonesia.

The 3D Museum here in Bali has been becoming another attraction in Bali by diversely expressing beautiful sceneries and customs of Bali based on the expertise of DMZ Museum that have been creating numerous trick arts.

From the illusion trickery art at the entrance to the labyrinth of Egyptian pyramid, and the world of imaginations afterwards will guide you to a whole new world you have never expected to see.
We invite you to come to our space of surprises and excitements, and experience the world full of fun and joy that could be only brought to you through 3D special illusion art.
In the museum, you will enjoy about 120 art pieces created by worldly renowned illusion artists from Korea.
Come and make special memories at DMZ, the world’s most fantastic illusion art museum.


Upside Down

At the location of the photo, all rooms have a reverse design. Not only the room, all the contents of the room such as beds, pillows, televisions, cabinets, shelves are also made upside down. Not only with the inverted design, the uniqueness of this photo place is also found in the layout of the room, the color combination of the room and interior are designed with contrasting colors to make it look beautiful in the photo.
What is upside down when shooting is the room design and interior layout, not the person. The photo is then rotated 90 degrees, so the design of the room looks normal again, but the person in the photo that looks upside down.
Maybe there are some of the readers who are observant and will ask, are all the interiors in the original photo? All the interiors in the original photo, not imitations, even the television screen can be turned on.
Reverse Room Type:
• Living room equipped with a furnace.
• Master bed room.
• Kids room.
• 3D room.
• Kitchen.
• Living room.
• Laundry.
• Bathroom and toilet.
• Balinese concept room and garden.
To get good photos in a room upside down for the first time trying, quite difficult. Because the visitor’s perspective changes, the beginning will require adaptation. To get a good photo with a background of upside-down space, requires unusual creations and expressions.
But to overcome the obstacles of visitor’s photo expression, so as not to die style. In the reverse photo location is available a photo guide, which will help visitors pose and direct facial expressions to get beautiful photos.