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Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance or by domestic tourists better known as the Uluwatu Kecak Dance is an association of community art groups in the Village of Pecatu, Denpasar-Bali. The southernmost village of the island of Bali is a village that is very famous for its mainstay tourist attraction, Uluwatu Temple, this village is also famous for a place where many hotels & tourist facilities are located. A very strategic location with extraordinary natural beauty makes this village chosen by investors to invest its business capital, for example Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Bali, Alila Villas Uluwatu, The Istana, Tirtha Bali, The Edge, The Khayangan estate and many more hotel and wedding venue that you can meet in this village.
Uluwatu Kecak Dance is performed on an outdoor / circular stage right next to Uluwatu Temple. The view of the cliff is so very charming coupled with a panoramic sunset that is so beautiful making this place become very famous for domestic and foreign tourists. The performance of the Kecak Uluwatu dance is very special besides being staged in a region that is so sacred to Hindus in Bali, also because the position of the stage or stage where the performance takes place is also very spectacular. The stage which was built with a capacity of ± 1400 people is ready to give you a very amazing evening view, where on the cliff that juts into the middle of the sea, approximately 150 meters above sea level stands a sturdy temple that has a very high historical value, namely Uluwatu Temple which built in the XI century. In addition to the right and left of the temple, your eyes will be spoiled by a beautiful view of the cliffs, adding to our admiration for God the creator. The behavior of the monkeys that live freely & wild around the temple will also be very interesting for you to observe, just need to be careful not to get too close to the monkeys because sometimes with the nature of the animals they like to steal something that is considered interesting like a hat , glasses, or earrings.
The Ramayana story was chosen by the Kecak Uluwatu Dance to be a play or a story, told by a very wise king named Rama Dewa trying to save his queen named Dewi Sita who was kidnapped by a giant king who was very evil named Rahwana. The long and very dangerous journey was then taken by the Rama Dewa accompanied by his younger brother named Admiral.
It was also told when King Rahwana abducted Dewi Sita, on his journey seen by Sang Jatayu, a Garuda bird who was a friend of the Rama Dewa. When Jatayu learned that the woman kidnapped by Rahwana was the consort of her best friend, the God Rama, the Jatayu bird tried to save the empress. But because Rahwana’s supernatural power exceeds Jatayu, Jatayu can be defeated.
In the next section the journey of the Rama Dewa is recounted, which was only accompanied by his younger brother Laksamana and then met Sang Hanoman, a warlord who was an ape who was the nephew of a monkey king named Sugriwa. Having felt indebted to the Goddess, the monkey troops led by Hanoman warlords and King Sugriwa were willing to help the Goddess to reclaim their consort. Because of his magic, Hanoman’s white apes can infiltrate the palace of King Rahwana and then meet Dewi Sita. How then with his magic, the Hanoman White Ape then burned Raja Rahwana’s palace which in the performance of the kecak was illustrated by fire dance. Where Hanoman was later captured and burned by Ravana soldiers who were all giants. Hanoman’s struggle in helping Rama Dewa to get his consort back, becomes a story and dance that is very interesting for you to enjoy. In the staging will also appear several other interesting characters for you to observe more deeply because they are brought by young people of Pecatu who are so graceful in bringing their respective characters.
You will see about 70 men who form a circle in the middle of the stage where the dancers will bring the Ramayana story. The black-and-white checkered cloth ornaments that are the hallmark of kecak dancers make a sacred impression on the story and can anesthetize thousands of spectators who always crowd this place. The use of ornaments and other ornaments in the dancers’ clothes on each character will also be very interesting to watch or just photographed by tourists.
Not only that, when the new performance runs for about 20 minutes is the time when the sun will regain its unity behind the Indian Ocean which stretches broadly in front of the Kecak Uluwatu stage, the reddish sunset and sunset views are so very romantic you can enjoy without having to shift or move from where you are watching.
The story then closes with the defeat of King Rahwana who can be defeated by the magic arrow possessed by the Rama Dewa, and in the end Raja Rama Dewa can reunite with his queen Dewi Sita.