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Bali Art Tattoo

Tattoos have always been a symbol for expressing one’s own uniqueness and individuality. Getting a tattoo while on holiday is quite common nowadays, and Bali is no exception.
You are thinking of getting a tattoo in Bali as well? Great idea, Bali has become one of Asia’s top tattoo destinations.
Balinese art is of incredible beauty and provides countless ornaments and designs that are inspired by its culture and unique expression of Hinduism. You will find many interesting and beautiful tattoo designs here, if you wish to have something associated with Bali, such as the Garuda, the Barong or the Rangda, or you can go for the more traditional Hindu deities.

There are quite a few Balinese (mostly male) who do have tattoos, but tattoos are not traditionally part of Balinese culture like in Polynesia, even though many might think so. The tattoo industry started more or less together with the tourism industry and has grown ever since. The beginnings of the tattoo industry were humble and rocky though. Not every tattoo that found its permanent home on the forearm of an Australian tourist in Kuta would win a contest.

But particularly over the last decade the tattoo industry has matured incredibly in Bali and nowadays many visitors do come to Bali with the aim to get their tattoo done instead of going to an artist back home. Many professionally run studios and gifted local and international artists offer traditional, modern and of course also Balinese designs at prices that are sometimes far below what one would pay in Australia, Japan, US, and Europe.

Many tattoo studios also offer piercing and piercing accessories. Getting a piercing in Bali is of course not as common as getting a tattoo, still you can get almost any part of your body pierced, if you desire to do so in Bali.